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New York Yankees Odds to Win World Series

New York Yankees Odds to Win World Series

The New York Yankees won the World Series more than any other team in the MLB. They did it on 27 occasions, the most recent one happening in 2009. Twelve years seems like too much of a wait for the Yankees.

Oddsmakers think 2021 might be the year when the Yankees will make their comeback. Knowing that this team has gone through some significant improvements over the last couple of years, it’s not surprising that the Yankees’ odds to win the 2021 World Series are +650.

2021 World Series Odds

The 2021 MLB season has started last week, but we’re still months away before finding out the winner of the 2021 World Series.

Nevertheless, many online sportsbooks have already released their odds, which suggest that these ten teams are the top favorites for the Commissioner’s Trophy:

  • Los Angeles Dodgers (+340)
  • New York Yankees (+650)
  • San Diego Padres (+700)
  • Chicago White Sox (+700)
  • New York Mets (+900)
  • Atlanta Braves (+1300)
  • Houston Astros (+1400)
  • Minnesota Twins (+2000)
  • Oakland Athletics (+2000)
  • Boston Red Sox (+2000)
  • St. Louis Cardinals (+2200)
  • Toronto Blue Jays (+2500)
  • Tampa Bay Rays (+2800)
  • Toronto Blue Jays (+2800)

The Dodgers, who won the World Series last year, are odds-on favorites to win it once again. No surprise there, knowing that the MVP of the 2020 World Series, Corey Seager, is still on the roster, together with many other top-class players.

The #2 candidate for winning the World Series is a New York franchise. The Yankees are the most valuable MLB team, making them one of the main favorites by default.

New York Yankees Chances in 2021

It’s been long since the Yankees were sitting on the throne of the MLB. The year 2009 was when they previously won the World Series. It wouldn’t be an overstatement to say they’re hungry for success, especially knowing how much money has been invested in this franchise.

According to Forbes, the Yankees are the world’s most expensive baseball team, with a value in the ballpark of $5 billion. That’s $1.6 billion more than the value of the Dodgers.

So why is the LA franchise the #1 favorite to win the World Series? The answer is that they have some true diamonds on their roster, starting with Clayton Kershaw. Arguably the best left-handed pitcher in the MLB, he was instrumental for his team’s success throughout the entire 2020 season. Add Seager into the mixture, throw in a couple of other Dodgers superstars, and you’ll see why this team’s chances look pretty good.

The good news for the Yankees’ fans is that their team is packed with superstars too. In fact, the Yankees roster looks at least as good as the Dodgers’.

New York Yankees Players to Watch Out for in 2021

Gerrit Cole is the name that first comes to mind when New York Yankees are discussed. The 30-year-old pitcher is considered one of the best players in this position (together with the aforementioned Dodgers’ lefty). Cole finished the regular season last year with a 2.84 ERA across 73 innings. This year, everyone expects him to do even better.

Another player who’s expected to do well in 2021 is DJ LeMahieu. The infielder joined the Yankees in 2019, and the same year he became an All-Star. He also received the Silver Slugger Award and got included in the All-MLB First Team. The latter two accolades he got in 2020 as well.

Then, there’s Aaron Judge. The 6’6 outfielder was one of the hottest topics in baseball a few years ago, particularly in 2017 when he won the AL Rookie of the Year award, together with a few more prizes. Fast-forward four years, and Yankees fans are expecting him to shine again.

This is just the tip of the iceberg when the Yankees’ quality is concerned. They got literally dozens of top-class players who can take this team back to where it belongs.

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