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What is the Moneyline: Wager Meaning

The Moneyline is a wager in which you get to put your money on the winner of a game. If your betting pick wins, you win. If it loses, you lose too.

As the whole point of sports is to win, it’s no surprise that the Moneyline a.k.a. match-winner is the most popular wager in online sportsbooks around the globe. That said, you can be sure that all of New York betting sites have the Moneyline bet for all of the events in the offer.

How to Bet on Moneyline?

How to Bet on MoneylinePick one side to win – that’s how to bet on the Moneyline. If the team/player you backed wins, your bet will win. But what happens if the game finishes in a tie?

The answer to this question depends on the sport. For instance, in sports like hockey, there always needs to be a winner – if the game finishes in a tie-in regulation, it goes to overtime, followed by a shootout.

However, there are some sports in which it’s possible for the game to finish in a tie. If it happens, the bet is pushed and you get your stake back.

NBA Moneyline Betting

NBA Moneyline BettingBetting on the NBA Moneyline basically means putting your money will outright win the game. With NBA betting, you don’t have to worry about ties.

Basketball games rarely finish in a tie in the regulation, but it does happen. In the NBA, the rule is that if the game is tied after the regulation period, 5-minute overtime is to be played. If the game is tied once again, everything repeats until someone wins.

NFL Moneyline Betting

NFL Moneyline BettingIn the NBA, it’s impossible for a game to finish in a tie. However, in the NFL, the rules allow for a game to finish without a winner. Still, most NY sportsbooks do not offer a tie as one of their Moneyline betting options.

The reason is that it happens very rarely. For example, last season, we saw only one NFL game finishing in a tie. Most people who bet on the winner were given their stakes back.

Still, this doesn’t mean that it’s not possible to bet on the tie. Some sportsbooks do have the so-called three-way Moneyline.

3 Way Moneyline

Team A, Team B, and tie – these are your betting options with the three-way Moneyline. Depending on the sport, the odds on the tie can be really long. For instance, in boxing, the odds on the bout finishing in a tie are usually well over +1000.

For sports like soccer, on the other hand, the odds are usually way shorter. The reason is that a draw happens more commonly in soccer than in any other major sport.
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Spread vs Moneyline in Betting

Which one is better in the spread vs Moneyline battle? It all depends on the event you’re betting. When two teams/players are of similar quality, both of the Moneyline options come with great betting odds. However, when a clear favorite is taking on a huge underdog, the Moneyline odds aren’t that good. For some bettors, backing a -1000 favorite comes with too little betting value.

This is the reason why spread betting became a thing. By giving the underdog advantage in points, bookmakers basically create a 50% situation for either option to win, which wouldn’t be the case with a traditional Moneyline bet.

Moneyline Odds – Who Offers the Highest?

With online gambling kicking off in New York in early 2022, betting sites are still trying to get their share of the vast market. One of the ways to achieve their goals is to offer them attractive odds.

If you like betting on the Moneyline, you can be sure that all of NY sportsbooks, like Caesars, BetRivers, BetMGM, will provide you with the best possible prices. This goes both for betting on favorites and underdogs.