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Buffalo Bill Odds to Win Super Bowl 2021

The Buffalo Bills have a legitimate chance at winning the Super Bowl this year with +325 odds given on a futures bet. The Chiefs and Packers are the clear favorites sitting at +210. The Buccaneers are by far the underdogs with +450. Chiefs fans are confident against the Bills in this AFC Championship, but the Bills are contenders here and the odds prove it.

So, how do the Bills, who have +325 odds of winning the Super Bowl, beat the favorites and then take down the winner of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Green Bay Packers? Their offense needs to raise their level.

The Bills defense is not the problem here. They’re one of the best in the league and it showed against the Ravens, holding a pretty stellar offense to three points and gathering one beautiful 101-yard pick six. They’ve got eight-straight wins coming into this game, and all but one were by double digits. The Bills at the end of the regular season were dominant. However, for a team that finished the regular season with the second-most-points scored, were the No. 2 offense for total yards per game and the No. 3 offense for total passing yards per game, they are sitting pretty in last place in all of those categories out of the four remaining teams in the postseason.

So, to say they need to pick up their offensive performance is an understatement. Josh Allen needs to return to the stellar form that he had during the regular season. He needs to not only play like an elite-QB, but play like a Super Bowl Champion. Keep limiting turnovers, executing plays, and running an efficient offense. This means incorporating Devin Singletary into the game. Out of the four teams left in the playoffs, the Bills are the only team without an all-star back. If they don’t hammer out some productivity on the ground, they’re going to lose. They didn’t run the ball a single time in the first quarter against the Ravens; they’ve been outrushed in every game this postseason. This will most certainly not work against the Chiefs and it will not work against the winner of the Bucs and Packers. The Bills beat the Chiefs and win the Super Bowl if their defense continues to dominate, and especially performs well against the run, while the Bills offense develops their game on the ground, or Josh Allen and Stefon Diggs have next level performances to pick up that slack.

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